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Music icon Corel draw x4 Tutorials

Hi in this Tutorial we are going to create a music Icon like iTune icon so let start

STEP-1 Create a circle + in the keyboard and hold down the shift and use the intersection tool

now duplicate the object and draw and othe circle in the midle

Select all object and p inthe key board to put them in centre

Now select the the small circle and the medium and apply intersection

Now lets color our CD

use the gradient tool


using the 2 oval circls and 3 rectangle we are going to create the second object

Now weld them

Now lets add the light effect

use 2 circle and 3 rectangle

Now add the transparency

now resize it


Corel Draw Vector package

Hi here is a very nice and usefull Vecotrial packs you can use it in your conseptions so download the CDR file here

Make CorelDraw Appear like Illustrator Cs3

HI .. here a very nice trick you will make your corel draw x4 Appear like illustrator CS3

EDIT>Preference or Ctrl+J

Great now you can work You can feel familiar with coreldraw x4