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Easy 3D text in coreldraw x4

Hi there wot's up
Today we're going to creat a 3d text with simple tricks in corel draw x4
allso i'll show some very handy trick inside corel draw x4
1- create a new text and double click to access to the transform handles now skew it a litle bitnow open the advanced outline palette and choose the folowing parametters

TIP:rigth click on the color palette to choose outline color :)...........

now go to menu dispotion > convert outline to curveNow select the new converted outline press + in numpad to duplicate it and with the selected dulicate press one the left arow and one the down arrow to move it one pixel
here is the magic TRICK
hold down the ctrl+D one second and you'll see the resuktDon't forget the comments

Corel draw quick tips

hi every body here I'm again with a news corel draw tips you learn how to creat retro art shapes using the fish eye tool "sorry i could not upload the video on my blog "
click here to download the tutorial so enjoy it