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create a victor iMAc CorelDraw x4

in this tutoarial we will try to creat an IMAC computer very usefull tutorial with coreldraw x4

STEP-1 Draw 3 rectangle with 10 in angle for the first and the second and 0 in angles for the third Now chose the color like this

1- choose black 20% and black 10% and with and use square gradient

2- chose black

3- chose with -blue radial

Now draw a circirl and select the black rectangle and the circle now apply the intersection tool
Ctrl+X and Ctrl+V to bring it to the top . applly the transparency tool

Now draw a circle + in the keyboard and reduice use the cut tool now draw an oth circle in the midles use black color and weld all all the circles

Draw an other big circle and apply the intersection tool to make light reflection and use the transparency tool

draw a perfect shape

Now convert it to a curve and using the form tool try to make some thing like this

now use gradient color like this
Now + in keyboard and reduice choose the black 20% for the big shape

Now draw a rectangle + in the key board and reduice chose the grey and the black like this

now apply the gradient tool

Now arrange all part of the imac


Now draw a circle in the middle of the blue screen and select the blue screen and the circle

apply the intersection tool

delet the first circle chose the same color of the screen for the intersection and applly the uniform transparency tool
repeat the opiration 3 or 4 time untill you got something like this

Now select the first intertsection Ctrl+X and Ctrl+V

Now lets move to the shadow draw an oval grey circle and convert it to a bitmap and apply the flu gaussien tool

now put it in the right place and now you got your vector iMAC

I hope you will like it..............

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