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Vector Film Slate Corel Draw x4 Tutorila

Hi in this tutorial we're going to make a vectot Film Slate using Coreldraw X4 you can download the CDR file here
Step-1 Creat a squar with 10 in angles + in the keyboard and rezise the new

Now again select the small squar and + and resize for the color choose black 80% and black 30%like this

now again select the new squar and + and resize chose blue for it

Draw an oval circle and select it with the blue squar and apply intersection tool

chose white and aplly trasparency


Draw a rectangle and choose the colors like this

Now Dulicate the rectangle and retate 30° now duplicate it 4 or 5 time and weld

Now select the copies with the original rectangle and apply intersection after delete the copies

Chose black and group the intersection with rectangle + and rotate


Draw a squar with 20 in angles rotate it 40° and draw a rectangle and cut like this

Now chose grey draw a circle and apply intersection

Now chose withe and apply transparency


Draw a cirl and chose Black and white linear -90° + in the keyboard , resize and inverse the corlors now group the circles and duplicate

Here we are ... arrange all the objects and remove the outlines and you should have something like this.....

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